Bromeliads & Orchids

Colorful and dramatic, blooming plants add a touch a sophistication to your interiorscape. They are a great - and very cost-effective - way to give  your indoor spaces a quick make-over. And our maintenance guarantee means that your plants will always look brand new and as fresh as the day they were installed.

Bring Color Inside

In addition to our regular interior maintenance program, Plantscapes offers a full service Interior Flowers program that includes bi-monthly delivery and change out of bromeliads and monthly flowering color bowl rotations, so that your color bowls will never go out of bloom. Our orchid program will add elegance to any setting. And our seasonal color bowls will brighten up any indoor space.


Key Benefits of the Service

Our staff of Certified Interior Technicians and Customer Service Representatives attend conferences, classes, and trade shows – always with an eye to finding exciting new plants for our clients’ interiorscapes. You’d never settle for just dropping a pot in a corner and calling it “Good enough” – and neither will we.

  Bromeliads and orchids add eye-catching accents
  Plants are replaced frequently, so they are always fresh
  Container colors and materials to compliment any decor



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