For Commercial & Residential Properties

Water conservation is the heart of our irrigation design philosophy. Other than regular system maintenance, water use is the largest on-going cost of any irrigation system. And since it’s a limited resource, water costs will not go down! The healthiest landscapes are those whose water is managed most efficiently with an expertly designed irrigation system maintained by Plantscapes, Inc.


We use the best irrigation equipment available. From the largest turf rotors and spray heads, to the efficiency of drip and micro irrigation, our irrigation specialists select the right equipment to accommodate any irrigation design problem.

A well maintained irrigation system is essential to a good looking landscape. It will save both water and money.


Overwatered turf and flowers are weak and prone to disease and insect damage. As water rates keeps rising, wasting water – either by overwatering or by watering adjacent paved areas – costs you money. Yet, you cannot afford to let your landscape look dry and parched. Dead or yellow patches detract from the beauty of your property and give it an untended appearance.

At Plantscapes, we understand the need to balance cost and effectiveness. We work with property owners to install the most effecient irrigation systems. When appropriate, we will use the Water Smart Technology Program recommended by Seattle Public Utilities.



Key Benefits of Our Service

Whatever the needs of your landscape, our expert technicians can install, repair, and maintain an irrigation system that will take care of your property, protect our lakes and streams from harmful run-off, and lower your costs by watering only when and where needed. We will:

  Monitor and maintain your irrigation system
  Repair breaks and other damage
  Perform semi-annual start up and shut down inspections
  Adjust clocks as needed to water efficiently
  Use electronic controllers with precise timing and multiple zones and cycles
 Use flow sensors to monitor zones individually