Landscape Maintenance

Your landscape is the public face of your business. From irrigation to pruning, turf care to pest control, flowering color to perennials, It is both your introduction to new customers and it is the lasting memory your customers carry away. Plantscapes’ Landscape Division will enhance your property.


Professional Landscaping is vital to your business’ success. Your landscape is the public face of your business. It is your introduction to new customers; it is your first opportunity to impression clients with the quality of your service and your attention to detail; it is the lasting memory your customers carry away.


Plantscapes guarantees that all materials used in your landscape shall be the highest quality nursery stock.

Here is a brief overview of our Landscape Programs. For more information, or to schedule a walk through of your property, please contact us at (206) 623-7100. Neil Corcoran, our Landscape Division Manager, will ensure that all your questions are answered fully and quickly.



Key Elements of the Service

 Turf Care : We guarantee that your turf will always have a “cared for appearance.” Mowing length will be tailored to suit your property and the seasonal requirements of the sod. Mowing is done on a regular, scheduled basis so you’ll know when to expect the crew. Clippings are always removed from sidewalks, gutters and drives.
  Pruning : Trees and shrubs form the backbone of your landscape and require the care of trained specialists. Plantscapes’ arborists follow established horticultural standards to give your property a park-like appearance while still maintaining a balance of light and openess. All trees and plants are pruned for maximum health, growth, coverage, and visual appeal.
  Bed Work : The color and beauty of your landscape design require healthy bedding plants. Plantscapes’ healthy soil/healthy plants approach will keep your landscape looking fresh and your plants in bloom. To enhance the neat appearance of your planting beds, Plantscapes’ landscape crews rake the ground mulch regularly. Of course, any debris in the landscaped areas is removed.
Fertilizers : Because regularly applied fertilizer is so vital to a healthy landscape, fertilizers are a regular part of Landscape Program. Lawns are fertilized three to five times a year. Shrubs and trees are fertilized according to the specific seasonal needs of the plants and conditions of the landscape. To ensure that your property always looks its best, alternate schedules and seasonal adjustments to the contract may be worked out with the Landscape Division Manager.
 Irrigation Systems : Even after our long winter rainy season, the Pacific Northwest’s dry summers demand regular irrigation to keep plants green. Each property is unique – and so is the plan for irrigation. Slope, sunlight, types of plants, and the proximity of beds to walkways and parking areas must all be taken into account if you are to achieve effective irrigation while conserving water.

 Seasonal Color Changes – Annual Flowers: Flowers are often the first and last impression a landscape makes. A profusion of blooming color can make any property spectacular. Plantscapes Inc.’s Annual Color Rotation program changes your flowers three to four times over the course of the year. Plants remain compact and in bloom, regardless of the season.

Plantscapes, Inc. currently has over 10 interior plant care technicians, 5 supervisors, and 50+ exterior landscapers. Approximately one half of our service technicians have over 5 years experience in the green industry.
Plantscapes, Inc. has 15 licensed Washington State Pesticide Operators and 1 Commercial Applicator on staff and 13 CTL (Certified Landscape Technicians.)
Plantscapes Inc. is a registered landscape contractor, License #PLANTI*088CJ


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