Together, we work to increase the quality of life here in the Puget Sound region by protecting people and the environment from harmful chemicals. Our goal is to improve the urban landscape, not only for our clients, but for everyone.

Many environmentally friendly practices are already a regular part of Plantscapes' service. We have followed the precepts of sustainable, environmentally sensitive landscaping for many years. Other, more labor intensive or specialized services are available as additional programs at an additional price.

Integrated Pest Management and Organic Landscaping are two of our most popular programs.

Integrated Pest Management (also known as IPM) advocates the use of the least harmful products to solve or control pest problems.  Our first line of defense in natural landscaping is good soil, healthy plants, proper installation and placement of plants in the landscape.

Plantscapes has on staff a Washington State Department of Agriculture licensed pesticide management lead. Before we use any chemical in the landscape, we study its make-up, toxicity, and interactions with other chemicals on your property.  Because we are committed to using "soft" solutions first, you can be assured that workers, customers, and passers-by on your property will always be protected.

Organic Landscaping uses natural fertilizers and pesticides that are friendly to the environment and safe for people.  Our Family-Friendly lawncare practices are a popular alternative for residential properties and home owner associations. Before adding any fertilizers or soil amendments, we will test and improve soil structure and biology by adding compost and natural nutrients.  The soil test and assessment will determine the pH balance and more extensive testing will determine the balance of nutrients. Once this is known, we can tailor a program especially for your property.

For property owners with children, chemical sensitivities, or a strong commitment to organic landscaping, hand weeding is available. If you are interested in this level of service, please call (206) 623-7100 and ask to speak to Kathie Madsen.

When it comes to natural landscaping, Plantscapes is second to none. We offer:
Complete Site Assessment including soil type, PH testing, visual drainage issues, slope issues, and type of plants best suited for the property.  It is very helpful if the client has available a site plan for review.
A Soil Test for macro and micronutrients along with pH.
Native and Drought Tolerant Plants when appropriate.
Integrated Pest Management
Organic Landscaping

Written information about low impact landscaping and maintenance is available from your customer service person.

Call your customer service person for a complimentary walk through to discuss Green Initiative options for your landscape.  For additional information about pricing and other environmentally friendly concepts, please contact your customer service representative or Kathie Madsen, our Total Quality Manager at 206-623-7100.