25 Jun 2008

At Plantscapes, Training Is The Key

At Plantscapes Horticultural Services in Seattle, training is the key to good customer service. From small-group classes to one-on-one instruction, Plantscapes supervisors teach their horticultural technicians the best way to care for customers’ plants.

Plantscapes is a member of the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), the official trade association for the landscape contracting industry. PLANET’s proven and consistent standards set the tone for interior and exterior tech training at Plantscapes. New horticultural techs are trained one-on-one with an experienced supervisor, who verses them on protocol and service etiquette, as well as the nuts and bolts of watering, pruning and cleaning the foliage. Once the foundation is laid, technicians complete a series of classes and pass a stringent examination to be designated Certified Landscape Technician. The CLT title is recognized as a mark of excellence among landscape contractors.

Training continues with monthly information meetings, where an instructor reviews plant maintenance techniques or introduces new trends in plants or design. Technicians also use the classes to share their success stories from the field, so that others may learn from their experience.

In-house training at Plantscapes is supplemented with seminars. Staffers attend computer classes, customer service seminars, design classes and other instruction to help them do the best job possible for their customers.