Kids at the Organics$Orphans Base in Kenya
Kids at the Organics$Orphans Base in Kenya

My time here in East Africa has been going well. We are now into the third week at the Kitale, Kenya Organics 4 Orphans base. I am assisting in teaching this month long course in the biointensive gardening & natural health.

Weather here at 6000 feet is very tolerable. Great really. Here in the dry season I am not missing Seattle’s rain. But I do miss seeing all of you (except Hedley, of course). Ha.

There are about 30 students from a half dozen countries training here in equipping Africans. Since my time here 2 1/2 years ago, I now see more clearly that this program can effect change for the better.

Went to a ‘nursery’ African style last week. Interesting how many Zone 7 & 8 plants are growing here in the tropics. You Interior folks might be awed to see interior plants there growing big time outdoors here. I have an install I am working on at the comfortable guesthouse at which I am staying. Guess I can’t get away from seeing possibilities for improvement with landscapes.

Attached is a picture of some of the local kids. They love to practice their English phrases on us ‘mahzungas’ (white folks) like “How are you?’ & ‘I am fine’ as I pass them walking to their schools and while I walk to the O4O base.

Today I learned I am invited to go to Mozambique as I had hoped to teach this course in the capital Maputo (next to South Africa). That’ll be the week after next if I can acquire a visa for Mozambique in Nairobi.Hopefully, not a problem.

Oh, a hotel/bar is going to open up their establishment for some of us North Americans here @ 2 AM Monday morning to see the SuperBowl Seahawks repeat. I am sure nobody there has been discussing this. I will be cheering from this side of the planet.